Packages Check them out and see which is right for you

What are packages?

Packages are extra value added to your plan. When you activate a Package, you enjoy what it has to offer before returning to your standard SIM plan. It can increase the value of your SIM if you know what services you enjoy using most.

• Purchasing a Package is deducted from your main wallet, so make sure to Top Up before choosing the right package for you.
• Purchasing a Package does not extend the validity of your SIM.
• Status of SIM needs to be 'Active' in order to use any Package.
• Activating a new package will remove any previous Package.
• Once subscribers have applied the package and it has been charged, the package can not be cancelled, changed, transferred, postponed, or refunded.

Apply for packages through these easy methods

1. USSD, dial *7888# and press call
   • Follow the on screen menu to choose what package you want
2. Visit our Selfcare Website
   • Login to our helpful Selfcare Website
   • Under the "Service" side menu, choose "Additional Package"
3. Contact our helpful Call Center at 02 333 3333 (one-time option only)

Note: Recurring package option can only be applied through USSD and our Self Care website.

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