Top Up Grab a Top Up and keep your SIM alive and healthy

Top Ups

Price (THB)Validtyi-Kool Points
5030 Days8
10030 Days20
30060 Days70
50090 Days120

• Top Up main wallet up to maximum of 10,000 THB
• Top Up validity up to maximum of 365 days
• Top Ups can only be made when under i-Kool's dometics and roaming networks
• Top Ups can be made up to the time the SIM is disconnected from the network

How can I use a Top Up

Online Top Ups are real time and automtic, but if you purchase a Top Up where you receive a PIN, you can:
• Method USSD: Dial *777*PIN# and press call
• Method IVR: Dial *777#, follow automtic voice instructions
• Visit our Selfcare page

Check your Balance

Dial *700# and press call
Visit our Selfcare page

Where to buy

Top Ups are available as a 16-digit PIN, Scratch Card, and online
Visit our Channels page to find out where you can find Top Ups

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